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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

Sublimation Leather Blank Stethoscope Tags RTS

Sublimation Leather Blank Stethoscope Tags RTS

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Sublimation Leather Tags

Product Details


  • Sublimation leather is matte white on the front of the tag


  • Includes screws to create the tag after sublimating.

Design Area:

  • You'll want to make your design with a border roughly 1/16"-1/8" larger than the design area to ensure full coverage.

Important Notes

  • Sublimation leather is NOT laserable!!
  • Do not attempt to engrave or cut in a laser machine. 
  • May cause damage to your machine and/or lungs.
  • (Are you looking for laserable hat patches instead? Get them here)
  • Looking for laserable stethoscope blanks? We offer a few options here.

Pressing Instructions

  • Press the sublimation area with the transfer paper face down on top of the substrate. 
  • Press with medium-heavy pressure at 370-380 degrees for 50-60 seconds.
  • Time/temp recommendations are just a starting point.
  • Please test your equipment for the correct time and temp for you.
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