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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

Laserable leatherette hat patches, laser friendly leatherette hat patches, patches for hats, engraveable patches with adhesive RTS

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Laserable leatherette patches with heat activated adhesive. Laserable leatherette is vegetable tanned and safe to engrave or cut in the laser. Leatherette patches have a contrasting color beneath that is revealed with engraving. Perfect for hats, stockings, bags, and more. Adhesive on the back is heat activated. 


Rounded rectangle - 3"x2"

Oval - 3"x2"

Hexagon - 3"x2"

Circle - 2.5"

Square - 2.5"


*Recommended Glowforge settings: 1000/12/340 (Engraving does not need to be deep to show contrasting color)

*Leather engrave settings: 35% power, 600 lpi, 90% speed. Defocused slightly.


LA Awesome cleaner is recommended to remove any laser residue after engraving.

*Patches may be hand washed and air dried. Do not use heat when drying patches.


***Pressing Instructions***(Please note: all equipment is different and should be tested for best settings. These are recommended starting points.)

Press on to hat or other item using a heat press until adhered. Suggest using butcher paper to protect patch while heat pressing. Suggested settings: 290°F-300°F for 20-25 seconds. Press again if needed to fully adhere. Settings may need to be adjusted depending on the equipment being used. Adding a few stitches or rivets will help patches stay on the hat, but is personal preference.


A different adhesive may also be used if preferred; simply pull off the included adhesive first.