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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

Wood ring box, round wood box for engraving, engraving blanks

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2" diameter unfinished round ring boxes can be used for more than just rings, but they are perfect for that too! Lid is fitted to the bottom, so it doesn't need to be screwed on but fits more snugly than just sitting on top of the bottom piece. Rounded edges give these a crisp elegant look. Approximately 0.5" deep in the bottom half, plus approximately 0.33" more in the top. Includes small piece of burlap inside to beautifully display your inclusions. Total external height approximately 1 3/8"

Oak engrave settings. Remove lid from bottom if needed for clearance under the laser. Can be finished with stain or other wood finishing product.

Perfect for rings, tooth fairy boxes, cuff links, and so much more!