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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

Sublimation PORCELAIN ornament blanks, white double sided RTS

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PORCELAIN sublimation ornament blanks. Double sided printing.

Available in 4 shapes.

***Pressing Instructions***

Prepress for 15-20 seconds is recommended! Make sure to tape the transfer well or use adhesive spray (I recommend tape). Place transfer ON TOP of the ornament, facing DOWN between blowout paper. (*it is recommended to use a green nomex pad on top to evenly distribute pressure).

Press at 400 degrees for 240 seconds with medium-firm pressure. Remove from the press, remove the transfer paper and tape, let cool. Repeat on the other side if desired, when COMPLETELY COOLED.

Please note: very slight dulling may occur on the first side when pressing the second side. If the substrate is allowed to cool between sides, this should be extremely minimal.