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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

Sublimation leather notebook, full wrap sublimation ready leather notebook/journal, sublimation journal, sublimation leather notebook personal journal RTS

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Sublimation blank leather notebook/journal. Sublimation area is a full wrap cover for the notebook/journal. Includes 100 lined pages.

Available in 3 sizes (closed notebook size):

(A6) Small - ~5.75" x 4.25"

(A5) Medium - ~8.5" x 6"

(A4) Large - ~11.75" x 8.5"

Parts come separately to achieve a full design wrap on the notebooks, and can be assembled after.



Press the sublimation area with the transfer paper face down on top of the substrate. Add a small piece of cardboard to the spine area to keep consistent pressure when pressing the design.

Press with medium-heavy pressure at 375 degrees for 60 seconds. **Time/temp recommendations are just a starting point. Please test your own equipment for the correct time and temp for you.