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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

Sublimation blanks, polyester jute sublimation blanks, polyester jute bag blank for sublimation

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This listing is for a 5.9"x7.9" polyester jute sublimation blank bag. Bags are approximately 5.9"x7.9" polyester jute bags with a drawstring closure. These bags work great with the 4"x4" squares and Road trip activity bundle. They also work well for storage of interchangeable pieces or any other small pieces! ************************************************************ Pressing instructions: ***HANG DRAWSTRINGS OFF HEAT PRESS OR THEY WILL MELT*** Insert butcher paper/blowout paper inside bag before pressing. Press image at 400 degrees for 60-70 seconds with medium pressure. Please make sure to test your own equipment for proper settings, as all heat presses can vary. ************************************************************ Please join our Facebook group for specials. Bags are a linen burlap color and are polyester jute material. ************************************************************ This listing is for blank sublimation-ready polyester jute bag blanks.