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Sublimation 12x18 Double Sided Garden Flag Blanks - Thick, Triple-ply RTS

Sublimation 12x18 Double Sided Garden Flag Blanks - Thick, Triple-ply RTS

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Blank Sublimation Garden Flags

Product Description

Our blank sublimation garden flags are perfect for creating stunning, personalized decorations.

These double-sided garden flags are designed specifically for sublimation printing, offering a unique opportunity to customize each side with the same or different images.

The flags are triple-ply for added thickness, ensuring that images do not show through from one side to the other.

Please note that garden flag poles/stakes are not included.

Key Features

  • Double-Sided Printing: Easily create double-sided garden flags with either the same image on both sides or a different image on each side.
  • Triple-Ply Construction: The flags are triple-ply, providing extra thickness to prevent images from showing through.
  • No See-Through: The flags are not see-through.
  • Vibrant Colors: These flags sublimate beautifully, creating vibrant colors once pressed.


  • Size: 12x18 inches
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Appearance: The flags have a greyish appearance due to the middle blackout layer but turn bright white once a design is added.

Sublimation Printing Instructions

  • It is recommended to use a thin foam pad under the flag when heat pressing to ensure even pressure and distribution or extra heavy pressure.
  • Press at 400 degrees for 60 seconds under very firm pressure.

Please Note:

  • that these time and temperature recommendations are just a starting point.
  • It's important to test your equipment to determine the correct settings for you.

Additional Information

  • Flag Poles/Stakes: Flag poles and stakes are not included.
  • Creases: Any creases due to packaging will press out during the sublimation process.

Video Tutorial

  • For video guidance on pressing these flags, please Join our Facebook group
  • You can find a video tutorial in the Announcements section.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

These are the best sublimation flags!! I love that it is triple layered and can be sublimated on both sides. The colors are so vibrant and the flag itself is a florist quality. This is the only place I buy my flags from! Thanks for such a wonderful product!


These flags are a good quality product and always press well with vibrant colors!

You need to buy the double sided flag

I love making the double sided flags.. They press great. If you are not buying them you are missing out. Great product and price

Kaylee Mccollum
Flag review

Sublmates perfect!


I live these flags! They are a nice quality and thickness. They shipped quickly and they sublimate beautifully!