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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

RTS Enamel Camp Mug with handle, Sublimation ready mug, camp cup for sublimation

RTS Enamel Camp Mug with handle, Sublimation ready mug, camp cup for sublimation

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Enamel Camp Mug for Sublimation with Metal Rim and Handle, Glossy White Finish


  • Apply sublimation transfer on the surface of the tumbler using heat tape.
  • For full wrap designs, make sure you pull the transfer as tightly as possible around the tumbler, then tape very well along the seam and around the top/bottom of the tumbler.
  • Pulling the tape/transfer as tight as possible with no air pockets.
  • If your transfer does not fully cover the tumbler surface, apply blowout/butcher paper to the entire tumbler so that no metal is showing on the sides.


  • equipment varies and so may your required settings.
  • Please test your equipment using these baseline recommendations.

Tumbler Press:

  • Camp mugs should be pressed 2 at a time! (one on each end of the tumbler press)
  • If you only need to add a design to one mug, put a blank mug on the other side of the press to ensure even pressure and heat distribution while pressing. 
  • Insert a camp mug into each end of the tumbler press attachment and place the handle as close to one side of the opening as possible.
  • Pressure should be light, but evident, using about 2 fingers to close and open the press.
  • Press at 360 for 90 seconds, then turn the handle to the other side of the opening and repeat the press. 
  • Remove the hot mug from the press and carefully remove the transfer paper.
  • Let the cup cool before handling.


  • Equipment settings and functions may vary.
  • These settings are on our Elite Pro Max tumbler press offered in the shop

Additional Notes:

  • Sublimation does NOT require the use of any type of sealant.
  • It is recommended to handwash all cups/tumblers to ensure the images remain their most vibrant. 
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