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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

Laserable leatherette coffee cup sleeve, laser friendly cup sleeves, engraveable cup sleeves RTS

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Laserable leatherette cup sleeves. Laserable leatherette is vegetable tanned and safe to engrave or cut in the laser. Leatherette cup sleeves have a contrasting color beneath that is revealed with engraving. Perfect for coffee cups and other similar sized cups. 

***Settings are recommended based on our experience. You should still test your machine for the best settings. These should only be used as a starting point and may not reflect your best settings. 

Recommended Glowforge settings: 700/40/340

Leather engrave settings: 35% power, 600 lpi, 90% speed. Defocused slightly.

LA Awesome cleaner is recommended to remove any laser residue after engraving.