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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

Hook board Sublimation hardboard blanks, hook hanger sublimation hardboard blank, key hook celebration sublimation blank

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This listing is for a SINGLE-SIDED laser cut hook board sublimation blanks. This comes in multiple sizes and will include the matching number of hooks The board varies in size depending on the number of hooks. Hardboard is 1/8" thick. 3 Hooks - 6"x3.6" 4 Hooks - 8"x4.8" 5 Hooks - 10"x6" 6 Hooks - 12"x7.2" 7 Hooks - 14"x8.4" Two hanging holes will be on the top and oval shaped holes will be near the bottom to allow for easy insertion of the hooks. *If a different size or number of hooks is required than is shown available in the options, please message me* Jute is used to hang board shown in sample image. NOT included. The backside is hardboard, with a dark wood color. This listing is for personal and commercial use. You may not resell this file. Property of Amanda's Crafty Creations. ************************************************************ PROCESSING TIME IS 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS! ************************************************************ Pressing instructions: **REMOVE PROTECTIVE FILM** Press image at 400 degrees for 60-70 seconds with medium pressure. Larger items should be PRE-PRESSED on BOTH SIDES for 20 seconds per side before pressing image. Please make sure to test your own equipment for proper settings, as all heat presses can vary. The hooks will need to be added AFTER sublimating on the board. It is best to insert the large U bend from the back side of the board through the oval hole, and twist until it is in the correct orientation, then gently pull the top through. It will take some force. A video will be posted in the Facebook group below showing the best way to insert the hooks. ************************************************************ Design templates will be available for download after purchase in my Facebook group. Please join our Facebook group for specials. Front side is glossy sublimation side, back is dark hardboard. ************************************************************ This listing is for blank sublimation-ready hook hanger blanks.