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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

Blank Sheets of PU Sublimation leather material - Ready to Ship (RTS)

Blank Sheets of PU Sublimation leather material - Ready to Ship (RTS)

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Product Name: Raw PU Sublimation Leather Sheets

Material: PU (Polyurethane)

Size: Approximately 19"x12" (30cm x 50cm)

Thickness: Approximately 1mm


  • Raw sheets for creating custom designs
  • Suitable for sublimation printing
  • Not laserable; do not attempt to engrave or cut with a laser machine

Pressing Instructions:

  1. Press the sublimation area with the transfer paper face down on top of the leather sheet.
  2. Press with light-medium pressure. We recommend lowering your normal sublimation temperature by about 20-30 degrees for 60 seconds. (I.e. if your normal temp is 400 degrees F, lower to 370-380 degrees)
  3. Time and temperature recommendations are starting points; Please test your own equipment for the correct time and temp for you.

Note: Sublimation leather sheets are for creating your designs and should not be used in laser machines. Improper usage may cause damage.

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Paul Koch

Excellent quality, subs perfectly. And the service was very professional.


Great product!! So many uses!!