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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

30 oz Sublimation ready MODERN STYLE tumbler Ready To Ship (RTS)

30 oz Sublimation ready MODERN STYLE tumbler Ready To Ship (RTS)

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Product: 30 oz Sublimation Tumbler (White)


  • Modern style tumbler designed for sublimation
  • Comes with a lid and straw for convenience

Sublimation Features:

  • Shiny white sublimation coating for vibrant color reproduction
  • Specifically designed for use in a convection oven
  • Requires shrink wrap (sold separately) for applying pressure during baking
  • Accessories such as rubber bottoms and straw cleaning brushes are available separately

Convection Oven Directions:

  • Equipment settings may vary; test your equipment for optimal results
  • Templates for the tumbler will be emailed after purchase (property of Amanda's Crafty Creations, LLC and ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs)
  • Apply sublimation transfer using heat tape; ensure tight wrapping without air pockets
  • Use blowout/butcher paper to cover the entire tumbler surface if needed
  • Apply shrink wrap using a heat gun to secure it tightly to the tumbler
  • Bake at approximately 385-400°F for 5-6 minutes, turning halfway
  • Caution: Avoid metal surfaces during baking to prevent melting of shrink wrap
  • Remove immediately from the oven remove shrink wrap and transfer (tumbler will be hot)

Additional Notes:

  • No sealant is required on sublimation tumblers
  • Handwashing recommended to prevent potential color bleeding from dishwasher heat
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