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12" Egg Shaped Sublimation Hardboard Blanks - Hanger Option

12" Egg Shaped Sublimation Hardboard Blanks - Hanger Option

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Single/Double Sided

Elevate Your Creations with Premium Sublimation Blanks! 

Welcome to ACC Sublimation Blanks, your source for high-quality sublimation blanks designed to fuel your creativity!

Product Details:

  • Options: Available in single or double-sided configurations.
  • Size: Each blank measures a round 12 inches in diameter and 1/8 inch thick.
  • Material: Single-sided blanks feature a dark wood-colored hardboard back, while double-sided blanks have a glossy white sublimation coating on both sides.
  • Usage: Suitable for both personal and commercial use.

Important Information:

  • Holes: These blanks do not come with pre-drilled holes.
  • Processing Time: Allow 5-7 business days for processing before shipping.
  • Pressing Instructions: Remove the protective film before pressing. Press images at 400 degrees for 60-70 seconds with medium pressure. Larger items should be pre-pressed on both sides for 20 seconds per side before pressing. Test your equipment for proper settings.

Ownership and Community Access:

  • Ownership: You may not resell this file. Property of ACC Sublimation Blanks.
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