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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

RTS WIND SPINNER sublimation metal blanks, 8" or 10" double sided metal sublimation wind spinner blanks

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Double sided glossy white sublimation ready metal wind spinners are available in multiple sizes and shapes and rotate in the wind.

Sizes/shapes available:
Circle - 10" diameter
Circle - 8" diameter
Flower - 10" diameter
Flower - 8" diameter
Skull Set (comes with mini piece for bottom) - 10" x 7.5" (mini skull - 3"x 2.25")
Pumpkin Set (comes with mini piece for bottom) - 10" x 9.2" (mini pumpkin - 3" x 2.8")
Christmas Tree - 10" x 9"

Star - (comes with mini piece for bottom) 10" x 10" (mini star - 3")

*Please note* The skull, pumpkin, tree and star are currently only available in the 10" size.

*PRESSING INSTRUCTIONS* (settings are recommendations and should be used as a starting point. Please test your own equipment for best results)

REMOVE PROTECTIVE PLASTIC FROM BOTH SIDES. Secure the sublimation transfer to the substrate with the image facing down on top and press between blowout paper with medium pressure at 400° F for 60 seconds. Remove from heat and remove transfer. Let cool completely before repeating on the back side as desired.

Gently bend the outer metal rings to your desired shape for the wind spinner. Join our Facebook group for a video tutorial sublimating and bending these!