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ACC Sublimation Blanks & Designs

Accessories for Sublimation ready tumblers RTS

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Accessories for sublimation tumblers.

Rubber bottom disc sticker (2" diameter). Fits most tumbler sizes and styles including wine tumblers, 20oz skinny tumblers, 30oz skinny tumblers, and more.

Straw Cleaning Brush. Coiled metal with strong bristles all around on one side for cleaning the inside of straws.

Plastic Straw. Replacement plastic straws for tall tumbler styles.

Metal Straw. Available in multiple styles/sizes:

  • Short Metal Straw: 6mm x 160mm (fits well with wine tumblers, lowballs, other short tumbler styles)
  • Medium Metal Straw: 6mm x 215mm (fits well with medium height tumblers such as glass cans, 15oz tumblers, can coolers, etc)
  • Long Metal Straw: 6mm x 265mm (this is the most common size straw, used for 20oz skinny tumblers, 30oz skinny tumblers, and most other sizes)
  • Bent Metal Straw: 6mm x 265mm

Replacement press in lids for 20oz tumblers (fits 20oz straight skinny tumblers in the shop).